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Amazon still not syncing due to captca, which are always wrong, even if it's right. I even uninstall and reinstalled the app, but it's still not working.

Please advise.

Thanks so much; I look forward to hearing from you;

Lori Lefkowitz

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You can mark this one as solved​. One morning I woke up & checked the app, and, out of the clear blue, sky, & all the captchas were gone & the app was working, syncing and updating just fine. On my tablet and on my phone.  Weird.
This isn't solved. I use Amazon.ca and there is no option for 2FA but I still get this captcha issue.
Same. Started having issues with Amazon captcha today after months of no issues. Removed amazon account and tried to readd but can't because captcha is messed up. And 2fa is disabled on my account.  Please fix. Thanks!
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Youre absolutely right and thanx so much - it's happening again - this is very frustrating - & I havent heard anything from Deliveries at all, even though I contacted them a number of times. Please keep me updated and ill do the same.

Thanx again;
Lori Lefkowitz
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Same issues here. Commenting to subscribe to this thread.
Same issue too.
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I paid for this misery crying nonononono

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