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Basically as tittle says every time app tries to sync amazon captcha pops up. Problem is I fill it in and it comes back instantly.
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This will be fixed soon, sorry for the inconvenience!

For the more tech-savy, here's a beta to bridge the time until the final update: https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/orrs/deliveries/deliveries-5-1-2-release/deliveries-5-1-2-android-apk-download/
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Confirmed works. Good job sir, this is a unique app.
Found a possible  bug with test build. When i set up sync with Google on second device I had to manually set Amazon and eBay info for it to sync
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Same. Started having issues with Amazon captcha today after months of no issues. Removed amazon account and tried to readd but can't because captcha is messed up. And 2fa is disabled on my account.  Please fix. Thanks!
Same. I always the correct captcha, but it never acknowledges that I did. I gave up after 4 tries. I'm awaiting updates on 3 packages from Amazon and none of them will update anymore.
Same here. Captcha is broken
Ditto. I'm on amazon.co.uk if it makes a difference and can't see how to add 2FA just incase that would help the situation....
Ditto here, same for me, had this once before and it was resolved.
Looks like it's happening again.
Hey guys the dev is working on a fix. He has updated the "app status" section and it says:

"Some users are experiencing issues with the Amazon login (Captcha). It's being worked on but no ETA on a fix yet, sorry!"
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I too am having exact same problem: when updating Amazon orders, app continuously asks for captcha, on entering correctly, it repeatedly asks for another. Process repeats & app is unusable as I cannot get updated deliveries.
It's only since current 5.1 version.
Please can you fix this app so it works properly again developers? It used to work perfectly & I use this app a lot & usually love it & depend upon it to keep track of my orders.
Same issue here (started yesterday) - Let me know if you need me to test any fixes.
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Same here, have no access what's so ever to any of my order updates since I use it primarily for Amazon orders.

Hope to see a fix soon
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The developer is likely using http authentication which is interpreted as mobile web browser access for authentication. This is an incorrect method for silent-mode access. The app "Slice" also exhibited the same behavior recently but they have resolved it. I have emailed this dev twice and no response yet. I paid for this lousy support and I'm not pleased.
I've also sent him emails, no response. Sad really is a good app...
There is a new? status on this page: https://deliveries.orrs.de/status/

"[...] Some users are experiencing issues with the Amazon login (Captcha). It's being worked on but no ETA on a fix yet, sorry! [...]"
For me, Captcha has gone away - now getting a bogus password failure messsge.
Same here. Itruly dislike paying a premium price for this app only to experience such inept resolution. Whoever maintains the "Slice" app resolved the exact same issue in less than 24 hours. And Slice is free. Unfortunately for me slice only supports Gmail.
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6 days ago. Pethetic. no

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At first I thought your comment may have been too critical of our college boy developers. But me thinks these guys have started their Oktoberfest holiday early. No chance for a fix while the suds are flowin. Very inconvenient - and poor communications given the severity and install base affected. Cheers!
One post from him saying he knows, will get to it when he can would be 100x better than just ignoring the feedback and logs
I'm sorry :'(
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5.1.1 is working thanks.
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