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With the recent fix of the Amazon captcha error now ebay orders no longer diaplay/sync.  I had to delete ebay sync account and re-enter.  Now working.

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what do you mean with "With the recent fix of the Amazon captcha error " ??


there is no fix at the moment...

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Without my having made any changes the Amazon Captcha problem ended about 8/5.  It was happening more frequently than the sync interval and hasn't happened at all in the last 2 days.  But at that same time I had the ebay problem which after deleting and re-entering the ebay account that now works properly too.

Since the last app update was June 10 I assumed something was fixed in the support services somewhere.

Running app on a Motorola Moto G XT1032 running Android 5.1.
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Amazon is not fix you don't know what you talking about you can't log in now.
I have same problem, in the last 2-3 days Amazon asks always  a captcha and app. doesn't  sync
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