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Can you store the last status or all tracking information when syncing so it can be visible in the website (deliveries.orrs.de)? If you also can add a web service (XML) to get this info it should be perfect!
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Thanks for the suggestions.

I think this would be more confusing than helpful for most customers as having to update the status on your phone in order to see it on the website is far from intuitive. 

Syncing this information would also drastically increase the amount of data I need to store.

So this is a "no" for now, sorry! sad I'd much rather see a desktop client of my app but I don't really have the time to create a separate code base for it. Something like Chrome ARC would be optimal but that doesn't support Google Play IAP and Google Play Services and is a nightmare to set up for the regular consumer.

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I agree, that is not the best solution. But now the web page is not to any use. I bought your product because it sounds great to have both access from phone and web page. Is it possible to retrieve the tracking status to the browser using a web service or something like that? Now clicking all the links is not working in reality. It is also only a link to the main carrier not the sub carrier defined.

Is the client syncing directly to the carrier or using your server?

Just sending the latest status using sync can't affect the amount of data sent over the network. I still think it is better than doing nothing.
The website is only meant as an easy way to manage your synchronized deliveries. It is *not* meant as a replacement for the app on other devices.

The app communicates directly with the relevant carriers. I know that other apps / services handle this differently but I do not want to change this for reasons of customer privacy and server load (just to name a few).

As for syncing the latest status message: I wasn't talking about the network traffic but the amount of data that I need to store on my server for each synchronized delivery. Even with my policy of storing only what's necessary, the database is already several hundred MB large. Adding a (possibly very long) Text for each and every delivery isn't something I take lightly, especially not if it's for a feature that I'd consider confusing for the regular customer.
I am a person who wears glasses a lot. I would like to be able to log INTO the website on my PC and be able to enter/Edit Delivery APP info (Tracking ID's, etc.) - Is that possible or Will I *ALWAYS* have to do all my entering of data on a small screen phone?   I don't want info Stored on website, just access to data on my phone's app.
You'd need to use the synchronization service for that which will store the information on my server. Also you need the pro version to be able to use the synchronization website.
A solution like WhatsApp which only works while your phone is turned on and connected to the internet is out of scope for my app, sorry.
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