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It's been two times this week that I have to unregister / register my Amazon account in Deliveries in order to have the new deliveries from Amazon appear.

Existing deliveries are updated just fine, only new deliveries do not seem to get synced, while they are (through the checkbox list) when re-registering.

Note: this issue has nothing to do with captchas, please use a dedicated issue for captchas problems.

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Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. Just to be sure: do you have the "Synchronization" option below the external accounts in the sync settings set to a proper value (like one week)? Most of the times when customers describe a problem like yours to me, the mentioned option is set to "Disabled".
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You're perfectly right.

However, this menu is confusing, at least the way it is translated in French. For what I now understand is a frequency of once per day, the "Synchronisation" (synchronization) menu entry reads "Hier" (yesterday) while it would be much more understandable with "Tous les jours" (every day). For once every two days, it reads "Deux derniers jours" (latest two days) instead of "Tous les deux jours" (every other day). I guess it has been copied from the Amazon menu, where I understand it represents the number of days you want to fetch previous commands for.

The full menu should read:
- Désactivée
- Tous les jours
- Tous les deux jours
- Tous les quatre jours
- Toutes les semaines
- Toutes les deux semaines
- Tous les mois

And the menu title should be "Fréquence de synchronisation" (synchronization frequency) instead of just "Synchronisation" (synchronization).
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Thanks for your comment. I admit that it's confusing and I'll think about a way to make it more clear. I'm thinking about calling it something like "Fetch automatically" (If you want that translated once the update hits, I'd be happy if you let me know a proper French translation for it here).
Please note that your interpretation is not how it works though. The value you set represents how far the app should look back in your orders on each refresh. So if you set it to "Hier", it will only look for new orders that were placed on the day before. Setting it to one week is recommended as that will allow you to get new orders even if you do not refresh the app for a few days while still allowing you to delete completed orders in a reasonable timeframe (deleting them while still in the chosen timeframe will cause them to be recreated on the next sync).
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Thanks, that makes things clearer.

Couldn't deliveries remember deleted (or at least completed) orders to avoid re-fetching them afterwards? This way, the "fetch automatically" setting could be "enabled/disabled" and adjust the time frame accordingly when it fetches information from providers such as Amazon so that it doesn't miss new orders.
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Same issue here.

Existing deliveries are updated just fine, new deliveries do not get added / synced.

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I confirm.
Amazon.de request capcha repeatedly and don't wanna sync.
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I have exactly the same problem for more then week already ;-(

Getting repeating CAPTCHA, which are not accepted. Tried to logon from the browser on the phone and was able to login without captcha. I have tried removing Amazon sync and adding back - the same.
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