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I'm tracking Amazon packages delivered via i-parcel and traced as UPS i-parcel.

The time displayed with each status is totally screwed up:

First, AM/PM indications on UPS i-parcel site are ignored, so what appears as "18:40 PM" is simply displayed as "10:40" by the app.

Second, timezones are not reapected at all. 18:40 in GB timezone is certainly NOT 18:40 on my local timezone. (The city and country is listed on the i-parcel tracking website next to the event, you don't have to look for it or guess it).

As a result, an event that took place in 18:40PM in the UK (GMT+0) is displayed as 10:40 locally (GMT+3).

I only noticed that when I got an event that the package is in transit for delivery, and the event was timestamped 2 hours into the future.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I'll fix the AM/PM problem in the next update (why on earth would they even add those to the website if they're showing the time in front of it in 24 hour format (e.g. 19:45 PM)? That's incredibly confusing!)

As for the timezone: i-parcel doesn't supply that so what you see in the app is exactly what you see on the website. I am not related to the diffrerent couriers in any way so there's nothing I can do about it, sorry!
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I've sent you a PM with my i-parcel tracking info. You can see it supplies the location for each update, and the timestamp is relative to that location.

From there, you can take this to either convert to local timezone (You can lookup the timezone of the update against the local phone timezone), which I think is the more correct solution.
If not, you can at least display the time stamp's country code next to the timestamp update.

Displaying a simple timestamp with no timezone information, is not very useful when tracking a package that travels across the world.
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Thanks for the further feedback.

Unfortunately, I have to disagree with you that the app should try to manually re-calculate timezones depending on the location i-parcel supplies. On the technical side, the quality of the location data is far from reliable if not completely unusable for this. On the logical side, people are used to this kind of display. There are very few couriers that actually supply timezone information for their status messages and not a single one of them is showing recalculated times on their websites automatically. I can only recall one that has the option to convert the times to a chosen timezone.

As for the country code: The location is shown next to each status exactly as on the website. So I'm not sure how to interpret your "at least" suggestion.
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I stand corrected.
For some reason I thought that the location information is not included in the display. I just checked it again and indeed it is there.
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I've checked the new version.
It re-downloaded the current package history, and now all the hour fields in all events is simply nulled (00:xx).
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I'm unable to reproduce that. Please try clearing the history and refreshing again afterwards. If you still do not get time information, please send an error report (three dots -> Report problem) and refer to this Q&A article.
Error report sent via app , plus screen capture.
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Try this i-parcel tracking site then and see what happeded.

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