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I have Deliveries installed on two devices, a Nexus 5X and a Nexus 9 and have it syncing with two Amazon accounts.  On the Nexus 5X all works well.  On the Nexus 9, an Amazon.com delivery can not get status with "This provider requires a password".  I tried re-authenticating and it succeeded (including my 2FA).


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If you're using the device synchronization, please keep in mind that the password will not be carried over to your other device if that doesn't have the account configured in the synchronization settings (requires pro version).

So if you do not own the pro version or do not want to add your account there, you'll need to manually re-enter the password for each delivery after it is added to the device via the sync service.

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I have the pro version.  Before I added my Amazon accounts on the tablet it could see that there was a package but not get details.  I added both of my Amazon accounts on both devices.

Does the order of the accounts matter?  I believe I added them in reverse order on the second device.


The only thing that really matters is that you add the Amazon accounts before logging in to the device synchronization. If you didn't do that, all current orders will be missing the password as they got their information from the sync service instead of Amazon (I know that's a pretty bad functionality in the app right now).

Based on your description, I'm positive that future orders will have the password field filled automatically.
Got it.  Thanks for the explanation
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