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In the past I would  click on the tracking information in an email and it would automatically default to this app and automatically track the package. For some reason that has stopped and I am not sure how to set that so this app is the default app for deliveries.

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Go to System Settings---> App Manager (App Setting)---> Select the app which currently opening in Email  and click "Remove Defaults"
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Note: This is specifically about Amazon links.

I received too many requests asking me to stop suggesting my app while opening Amazon links (>100). After removing this, I got about 5 requests to re-add it so currently, I'm not planning to add it again, sorry!
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Why not do it a little bit different in the next update. Make a setting in the app somewhere like "suggest deliveries for amazon links" or something. When enabled, app will show up for tracking purposes. When not enabled, it won't.

I know for a fact (for me at least), i miss the suggestion. Think i even sent in a mail about that.
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