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Hi was hoping to get a little guidance. I just bought the pro version of the Android app and I'm looking to integrate into Tasker some how either through an API or via the intents. Just wondering if anyone has done this yet or maybe provide some steps on the syntax on the Intents as I have not been able to get them working with the combination of what I found in the manifest.xml. thanks in advance.
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thanks for the request.

The app should already provide the proper information to the Tasker app as is. So there should be no need to manually figure out intents, instead you should be able to easily configure the refresh action within Tasker.

That said, I'm not using Tasker myself and haven't looked at it for quite some time now, so I'm not 100% sure if they haven't changed how to integrate apps.
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Thanks for the reply, I had no idea there was already a plugin for that available. This is exactly what I needed. Thanks again!
I noticed that when I click on a link for a carrier, Deliveries is listed on the app list which means, it capture the information from the link.

Is it possible to share how can we pass Tracking number & Carrier, through a link or intent.
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