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Hi there I am coming from package buddy which automatically detects the carrier which was a really nice feature and I miss it.  But I like how Deliveries syncs much faster and more reliably.  Could you guys possibly add carrier detection?  At least for UPS, USPS, and Fedex?

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Same here. Coming from the same app, didn't get updated anymore, and I really liked that feature. It makes it very easy and simple to copy and paste the tracking number into the app and it recognizes the carrier. Please this into the app or implement something similar.
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Yeah.  Something like the AfterShip app, they have quite nice auto-detection.  I still prefer Deliveries, though.
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Here's another great feature in AfterShip that's missing is this Deliveries app too:
China Post tracking info in AfterShip is shown in English, in Deliveries it's only shown in Chinese.
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I'm guessing this will be pretty hard to achieve technically.

However, there is an alternative way that (usually) works for me: using the native Android 'share' feature on the full url to the tracking page (usually you're provided with a direct link in an email, if not go to the tracking site using the browser on your phone, enter the number and 'share' the url from the browser) and selecting Deliveries from the list, the app is usually able to detect the courier and the shipping number from the url, automatically filling out those fields.
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"I'm guessing this will be pretty hard to achieve technically."

The AfterShip app has auto carrier detection, so Deliveres should be able to do this too.

Here's another great feature in AfterShip that's missing is this Deliveries app too:
China Post tracking info in AfterShip is shown in English, in Deliveries it's only shown in Chinese.
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It still is hard to achieve technically and I can assure you that AfterShip put major resources into it. Due to the nature of their service, they also have a huge database of tracking information to base their algorithms on (all tracking information is routed through and stored on their systems - with Deliveries on the other hand, your device fetches the data directly from the courier websites and nothing is stored on my server if you don't use the sync feature).

I've already put some work into provider suggestions but haven't been able to find a way to get to meaningful results.
If it will help - I moved from Ship-Rack to Deliveries and liked it well enough to purchase the full version. Ship-Rack also has an automatic detection feature that might provide some insight.
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Any chance of this?  Something like www.packagetrackr.com or faranow.com.  I prefer deliveries b/c it's actively being maintained/developed and b/c there's an Android app.

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I really think this would be awesome. Some other tracking sites already do it, don't know how but they usually get it fast. It's not simple to implement but I think it's possible, even more if you know the most used carriers worldwide like FEDEX, USPS, CHINA and try on them. You could also integrate with PRO's favorite options and search there first.
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This seems to have the most votes and latest update was almost 2 years ago... is this not going to happen? It would be a really nice feature for sure and one that I've enjoyed on other package tracking apps.
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I just switched from Ship-rack to Deliveries (which seems to update much better). Ship-rack would auto fill the carrier as i entered the tracking number. So there seems like there is a way to do this. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shiprack.client&hl=en
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I'm evaluating Deliveries right now and this is the one feature that would make me switch from my previous/current tracker, "TrackChecker Mobile Version".  TrackChecker is amazing and does most things perfectly but it does have a couple quirks that made me decide to look for other options. If Deliveries can't auto-detect the carrier, however, I may end up sticking with what I've got.
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Well lets be honest folks, if you are here, its because your prior app wasn't doing it for you any longer.

I too came from Package Buddy - loved the product and it met my needs until it was abandoned.

I'm here now (and have been for four years) because this is the best product I have found to accomplish my tracking needs.

Yes, auto-identification/auto-suggestion of the carrier is not the coding nightmare some of you seem to think it is, but it may not be on the top of oRRs priority list.

I'm know I am US biased, but even internationally, outside of the domestic mail services there are maybe a dozen big name carriers that carry the bulk of the parcels. Start there with parsing tracking id patterns and add additional carriers in batches.

If you knock out the common ones, most peoples normal package carriers will be detected.
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