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Why Amazon ask me for captcha again, again and again ?

If you have this bug, can you tell me what's the solution ?
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As Chuck stated, logging in via the browser option when prompted may work for you, it didn't for me. What I recommend is quick easy and works everytime.

During Amazon's captcha process after successfully completing the challenge the next window to pop up is informing you that it is trying to text you a one time OTP code to verify your identity.

Well the vast majority of consumers usually don't take extra security precautions or even know what 2FA (two factor authentication) even is. So it's safe to say most won't already have this option enabled, making it impossible for the app to successfully send the OTP code required to complete the captcha.

Open the Amazon app on your phone > Click on the menu bottom in the top left > Your Account > Login&Security > Two Step Verification (2sv)

Click on the "edit" button and add your phone number. It will then send you a test OTP text to verify your new settings work.

Close out of both apps after saving those settings. Re-open the delivery app and log in either with the native app itself or the browser option. Now you can successfully complete both captcha challenges and for ever ending the evil loop.  

Hope this helps.

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I have the same problem, I didn't find any solution :(
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I had this problem why worked for me was going into the settings looking for sync and tapping Amazon when it asks if you'd like to revoke tap browser that will let you sign into Amazon's website have them verify your password do the captcha then ask you to verify from within the Amazon app via notification that you signed in from the deliveries app, after that I simply did a manual refresh and all my Amazon orders showed up in seconds. Hopefully this will work for someone else with this problem too it can be very frustrating
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I'm new to this platform I thought I was posting the answer not just a comment.

Anyways my answer is under the comments of the original post sorry

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