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I have both numerous old Amazon orders, as well as recent new orders - the Old orders, which I have deleted completely - and then re-obtained from Amazon. They get reimported but still show tracking number of ie. Tracking ID: TBA199204567000, Provider: Unknown (AMZL_US_PREMIUM).

Please let me know how I can help you further debug this. Excited to have this new feature.



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Thanks for letting me know about this!

My data for testing this new feature was very limited (and restricted to just a few orders on the German version of Amazon) which is why I didn't catch this.

Currently, only provider tags starting with "AMZN_" will be detected. While I will fix this in the next update, I cannot give an ETA on that yet, sorry!
It seems to me that Amazon Logistics just needed to be added to the carrier list instead of adding it as an account.
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