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Hi - (I'm in the UK), and I have a couple of deliveries today from Amazon.co.uk, via Amazon Logistics

In the app, I've created two Deliveries, and filled-in the tracking numbers, the Order ID, and added my Amazon login information.
I didn't know what to put in the "Provider" field - it wouldn't accept a blank entry, so I tried "Amazon".

Unfortunately nothing seems to be happening in the app - it's showing "No status information available yet" - even though there is tracking information when I logon to my Amazon account on my PC.


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I know this isn't clearly communitcated in the app but Amazon Logistics isn't really meant to be used as a manually created entry. Instead, I recommend creating a normal Amazon.co.uk entry which requires less information (or use the synchronization feature to not enter anything). The default Amazon provider will then automatically detect the Amazon Logistics tracking ID and add it as a partial delivery with all required information filled in.

The "Provider" field is a specific code Amazon uses to identify the actual shipping type. For Amazon UK this can be one of the following:


There's probably more than this but this is just to get you an idea. You should be able to find this code in your Amazon tracking information on the website but as I said you shouldn't need to bother with this.
I tried again, this time, I created two deliveries on the website using Amazon.co.uk, the Amazon Logistics tracking numbers, and my Amazon email address
I then synced them back to my phone, but I'm still not seeing any tracking details
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Creating the entry on the website can lead to even more problems as you cannot set the password there. I recommend creating such deliveries on the phone instead.
Additionally, that's not what I meant. The best way to do this is to create a "Amazon.co.uk" delivery on your phone, enter the Amazon.co.uk order number (specifically not the Amazon Logistics tracking ID), your email address and password. I know this is confusing but I don't really see a way to improve it.
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It never occurred to me to use the order# in the tracking# field
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You're welcome! FYI, the "Tracking ID" field description changes to "Order ID" when you select one of the Amazon.x providers but that's really hardly noticeable if you're not explicitly looking at the small text ;)
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