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I have a new phone so I added my ebay account with no problem.

But when I try to add my Amazon account I keep getting captchas and then when I solve them I get a message asking me to log on again and the whole cycle begins. It is an infinite loop. What should I do?

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The captcha cycle also occurs with existing accounts.  This problem is similar to the one that occurred about a year ago.
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Yup - same for me too, existing Amazon account in captcha loop - can't add new Amazon accounts either. Wish we could get a handle on what appears to be a repeating problem with no solution. Don't ever remember seeing anything posted anywhere - that gets me out of this loop. Seems to just go away in time - but not fast enough for me.
Update 3/10/17: As usual, problem magically resolves itself
(at least for me)
I concur. We're back in captcha hell. Last time it took weeks for a fix. I hope this time doesn't take nearly as long.
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Same problem here and unusable for months now
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Same issue here. Just randomly started this week.
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