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Awesome app and I'm using it all the time but it's missing some companies

i-parcel: https://www.i-parcel.com/en/

BRT: https://www.brt.it/it/index.do

aramex(not shop and ship): https://www.aramex.com

Saudi Post :http://sp.com.sa/en/Pages/default.aspx

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All of these companies are already supported by the app, please re-check the list of couriers - they might be named slightly different. smiley

I checked and didn't found them, maybe the name is different for the first 2, but aramex and saudi post are not there.
Aramex is different than shop and ship, it's the same company but different services
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The "Aramex" provider in the app uses the following website ("By number" option): https://www.aramex.com/track/
It's just called Aramex, please make sure that it's not hidden by the provider filter if you have one set.

The name of the Saudi Post provider depends on your language settings, e.g. "Saudi Post", "البريد السعودي", ...).
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