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So I had another run-in with the frustrating Amazon captcha, appearing after I recently changed my amazon password.

Through troubleshooting, I logged into Amazon and went to edit my security settings, in which case I was asked to login TWICE IN A ROW on amazon to verify my identity. I had to enter the captcha (same image pattern as within the app), and then it asked for my signin and password again.

Long story short, I entered it, and got to my security settings.  I then closed the window after satisfying amazon's (secret) double login test, and re-tried to sync my amazon account with Deliveries.  I got one request for captcha and immediately asked what orders to load.

Posting here in hopes it helps others remove the week long delay and troubleshooting fun.

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This did not work for me.
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Didn't work for me either.
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Hello google
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