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If I open the app and manually sync it then there's no reason to set a notification on the notification bar. The app is already open and I'm working with it. I can see that something new is added, no need to put it up there and make a noise. I hate having to clear the notification bar when this happens.

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thanks for your feedback and sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

You can disable this behavior at Settings -> Notifications -> Manual refresh. Also, the notification should get cleared if you open the detail view of the delivery causing the update (which you probably do anyways as you want to know the full new status, right?)
I'm not exactly sure why that setting should even be needed (if the app is already open there really isn't any reason to set a notification on the phone's notification bar) but I'll try that and see if it works.
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Thanks for your response. Notifications while refreshing in the app can be useful to people who have trouble differentiating colors (they cannot easily see the new indicator around the circles on the left) and to power users (with 50 active deliveries in the list, it's not instantly obvious if new statuses are available and having to search the one with a new status can be annoying). This is why I will keep it enabled by default.
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