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Is there a possibility of making a Windows 10 application? As a UWP app, it can be used in both Windows 10 PCs/tablets and Windows 10 Mobile devices.

Right now, there aren't many options for Windows users. Practically, there isn't any app with the details and capabilities of Deliveries app.

Thanks for reading and I hope for a positive answer.

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stop using a dead os

or use something web based like 9track
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Read my post again.

I ask about an UWP app. That means it works in both Windows 10 PCs/tablets (they're as alive as you and me) and Windows 10 Mobile.
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Thanks for the request.

Unfortunately, I have had to give a negative answer to this request quite often already as I just don't have the capacity to accomplish something like that right now. This hasn't changed, I'm even having a hard time keeping the Android app up to date.

So, for the foreseeable future, it's a "no", sorry! sad I'm still hoping for Google to bring Android apps to Chrome in a more user friendly and Google Play Services compatible way but I don't think there has been any real development in that direction lately.

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Orrs, have circumstances changed at all? I would really love to have a Windows app.
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