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First thank's for your great app!

Please is it possible for you to add italian GLS (www.gls-italy.com) and BRT couriers?

Thank's in advantage.

Best regards.

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Thanks for your message.

They're both already supported ("GLS.it" and "BRT Bartolini").

Should they not work for you, please send an error report from the detail view of the delivery.
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Hi oRRs!
Unfortunately I can't see them on couriers list :(
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Did you try typing their name in the search field? Depending on your settings and provider filter, they may not be in their alphabetical order.
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You're on the wrong website, this Q&A is only for the Android app "Deliveries Package Tracker" the iOS/Mac apps with similar names belong to a different company.
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I'm really sorry for that!
Please excuse me :)
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