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I use the latest FREE version of Deliveries Android app.

In older version it was possible to display one delivery on the whole screen.

In the later versions (I don't know since when) it is not possible!

The screen is always divided in 2 panes (windows). On the left side there's a list of all my deliveries (active and completed). On the right side there are details of the current delivery I picked from the list.

How can I configure the FREE app to display current delivery details on the whole screen?  What settings should I use?

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What you're describing is the tablet mode of the app. It's forced to display this way on all big tablets. On small tablets (7"), it depends on which orientation you start the app in (portrait = phone layout, landscape = tablet layout). On phones, the tablet mode should never appear unless you tinkle with the system (shouldn't be possible without root though).

I haven't touched this behaviour in years so it shouldn't have changed.
Your answer only partly answer my issue!


I have 2 tablets, both have 8 inch screens diagonally, none is rooted.

Older tablet running Android 4.2.2 has 16:10 aspect and it behaves like a phone, single pane if Deliveries opened vertically, double pane if opened horizontally.

Newer tablet running Android 6.0.1 has 4:3 aspect and behaves like "large" tablet, always double-pane regardless of opening orientation.

This is doesn't comply with your answer!
Both tablets are LARGE according to your categorization.
But one behaves like a small one and the other like the large one.

Because of this I can't view the tracker map-movements full screen on the newer tablet.

This is very annoying because the screen-size and screen-aspect shouldn't control this behavior. Even initial screen orientation shouldn't.
This should be controlled by app's Settings.
Please, make this optional in Settings in future version, soon!
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