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I have 2FA enabled on my Amazon account and every time I try to add my Amazon account, the Deliveries app crashes. Any insight on working with Amazon 2FA?

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Yes, write your password and at the end of the password add the 2FA code without space. Notice that I have experienced a big where amazon ask for infinite capchas and I don't know a solution.
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I get similar behavior as y2kbyts.

While the answer above does let me log in, it will not update delivery information after the initial login. It shows the message "Error loading data!" and "Your password is incorrect" after refreshing a delivery. It seems like the one-time code expires then doesn't work anymore. Isn't the app supposed to have a separate prompt for our 2FA code instead of adding it to the end of the normal password? And how would a typical user even know to add it to the end? There's no information at all about how to log in with 2FA. It's a strange implementation.
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I have had the same experience.  I hope there is a solution soon; it's driving me crazy!  The ability to sync my Amazon deliveries is the main reason I use the app.
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