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My subscription renews in 2 weeks.
Considering not renewing and looking for other alternatives. I get that developing new features is hard so you don't do that much, but in order to retain subscribers, you should at least keep prominent services such as UPS or Royal Mail with minimal downtime. Taking months to fix these issues will not do.
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I'm getting the impression that this app is no longer actively managed, which is a real shame because many thought this was good app.  Major carriers across 4 continents are now no longer syncing with the app properly -- UPS (USA), Royal Mail (UK), SF Express (Greater China), Correios (Brazil).  Despite these problems, the app has not been updated since September.  I bought 2 licenses for this app (Android and BB10) and obviously a little disappointed that it has come to this point.
Yes, this is disappointing. I've cancelled my subscription for now, and will wait to see if things improve. I'm trying After ship for now, but I'm actually not sure Royal mail is working ok there either.
There's a chance that some companies just made significant changes to their websites so that all package tracking apps no longer work with them.
It would just be nice to get some sort of update if this is the case. If Deliveries would just make a pop-up notice saying there's issues with some couriers and they are working to resolve them, I'd wait patiently, but a non working app + silence = an app that I wouldn't subscribe to.
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