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FYI - Amazon UK have an updated design on their Order Tracking page (I do hope it doesn't mess up Orrs Deliveries)

In short, They've added a Map, with My & the Driver's Locations, and also useful information like "The driver is making 7 deliveries before yours​", the map also shows thumbnails of what's in the delivery (although it's not clever enough to combine multiple deliveries)

Also, this page is showing my delivery as "Delivery By Amazon Shipping" - not by Amazon Logistics


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Update:: so, I was delivery #8 this morning, now Amazons website shows that the "The driver ,,, had to be rerouted. ​"

There's now NO indication where I'm now in the delivery queue - also, according to the map & tracking info, the driver has driven past my location at least twice today (so far) 

In Summary - Crap !

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