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I just bought the Pro version of the app because it said I could easily import my existing orders to be tracked. I've been through every menu and don't see how. What am I missing?

I added one Amazon order (with my credentials), but it still didn't import the rest.

I tried to add an eBay order, but it returns an error message saying "Pro Version Required" - even though Pro is activated and I have a blue theme to confirm it's recognized, eBay is enabled, and I restarted the app. I even tried on the website.

If I can't use this to track all my deliveries, including importing purchases directly from eBay, I'm requesting a refund.

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You can find the settings for this at Settings -> Synchronization -> (Headline: "External") -> Add account. After adding your accounts, make sure to set the "Fetch automatically" option to something like "Last week".
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