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How can I track a Malaysian parcel?

I can't find Malaysia POS in the carriers list.When I search for "mala" it only shows SkyNet Malaysia and TA-Q-BIN Malaysia.

I have the app update, 5.4.1 (1882) version installed here. The app description of the last update explicitly says that POS Malaysia was fixed, but I can't find it!

Anyone can help me? Thanks.

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It's under the name "Post Malaysia", I think!

Alternatively, you may want to try Cainiao.
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Hi, thanks!
I searched for "Malaysia Post", "post" and "mala" and I was unable to find it.
Although your answer did not say explicitly, you helped me at the end. The problem was that my app is running translated in my local language (Brazilian Portuguese) and Post Malaysia is "Correios da Malásia", so when I searched nothing was found. I changed the language to english, found the correct courrier and then put back Brazilian Portuguese.
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