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The automatic recognition of PostNL tracking links within the Netherlands is not working (anymore?), while tracking is supported when I manually enter the tracking code and zip code that are required.

A link looks like this:

Here, the tracking code is 3AAAAA123456789 and the zip code is 2222AA.
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Another (new?) tracking format for Belgian deliveries is not recognized:


3SAAAA1234567 is the tracking number

BE is the destination country

1111 is the zip code
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And another format that isn't recognized by the app...


3SYOPP1234567 = tracking code
BE = country of destination
1234 = zip code of destination

Can this please by applied in the app?



The format Bart Libert mentionned (https://postnl.nl/tracktrace/?B=3SYOPP1234567&P=1234&D=BE&T=C&L=NL) gets automatically translated to  https://jouw.postnl.be/track-and-trace/3SYOPP1234567-BE-1234 and that works too in a browser.
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Yep, can confirm postnl is no longer working on any of my 3s tracking codes. 3STTWJ260395972 for example. It does work in my browser. When refreshing, it just says error loading data.

This happend two days ago, it was working fine before. Maybe the changed the api?
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This format should be working fine in the app (I actually tested it clicking on your link here and everything was detected perfectly).
Does it just open in a different app, or does it actually open in my app and you get a dialog about how it can't detect the tracking information?

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