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Whenever I am using the DPM app, and select the "view in browser" button, it opens the app again instead of a browser.  Worse though, is that if I open a browser window and paste a tracking number into google search, the DPM app hijacks my browser and instead opens the browser request in the DPM app.  Also, if I go to a courier website mobile version like USPS, using my browser, and try to track a package in their site, the DPM app hijacks the request and opens the app.

There is no option in the DPM app settings, or in Android 7, to change this!  Browser hijacking is not cool at all.

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At some point you told Android to open all links like that with DPM. You need to reset the default app. 

I don't have Android Nougat, but I think the method for you is: open Settings, go to Apps, pick DPM, then scroll down and click "clear defaults". 

I tried that and it didn't work.  I did of course reset all defaults for DPM, check settings, clear cache, stop the app, and reboot phone.  

DPM still hijacks browser requests from within the app, and also tracking number searches directly _from_ the browser.
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