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After updating to the latest version packages from DHL no longer updates and when i select "show in browser" another instance of the app opens. I'm using the free version.
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I have a package coming from CA via DHL and I couldn't get any of the DHL selections to show anything, I could track it through the EaseUS link provided by the seller, or on the DHL site. I was able to see it on DHL using Show in Browser only if I selected DHL eCommerce.

Google has started ignoring your default drawer and opening search results in some sort of mini-browser. When I use Show in Browser, thats what it uses. Deliveries may be a web kit app and something is getting confused and re-instincing instead of opening the mimi-browser. I'm also guessing DHL changed their query syntax and that broke Deliveries. I'd try changing your default browser to something else, or nothing at all, Then try clearing cache (Settings-> Applications-> Application Manager) for, in order: 1) Your browsers, 2) Google search app, 3) Deliveries. Beyond that, I got nothing. Hope that helps.
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Yeah, that makes sense. I'll try that
I tried anon's suggestion, setting wifi update to 5 min and about an hour later Deliveries showed an up to date traking, up to it leaving an intermediate sorting center. The package was delivered yesterday, but Deliveries didn't update after that first time. The web pages showed the arrival and sorting at the local center, it going out for delivery, and finally being delivered.  I think there is something going with updates that is separate from the Show in Browser feature.

Let us know if you were able to get it to work.
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It's acting like how UPS was on this app, where you need to set your wifi refresh rate to 5 mins and hope that it will update once in a while every couple of days.
Thanks, but it doesn't update at all
If you have multiple phones, try setting the 5 minute update frequency on the app for all your phones.  Just like the UPS issue a while back, it seems that for DHL eCommerce the app needs to catch the right "moment" to get an update.  I don't know the technicalities behind this.  But the more frequent the app gets to check, the higher the chance you can capture an update.  For the prior UPS issue, sometimes takes days even with these settings so it might be the same for the current DHL eCommerce issue.
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