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I have the pro version and auto sync whith my amazon and ebay but i cant search when i recived my order or client orders whith the traking number

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Just so I get this right: you want to search for the tracking ID of the partial delivery that gets created automatically, right? E.g. if the DHL tracking ID if the order was shipped with DHL.
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I dont want search traking id from amazon or ebay cuz not are the same from the carrier and when my order arrived i dont know what are inside cuz only search ebay or amazon id not carrier id like usps, ups


Ebay traking id: 391100556565-827227785026
Fedex traking id: 435919626520 < i want c this id not the other
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I see. I've added it to the list of possible future improvements!
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Thx for u time and u service

U app its awesome
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Hello im Alexander of the future and still waiting the improvement T___T
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