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When I'm at the post office or similar, I need to tell them my Tracking-ID for them to find the shipment.

It is quite cumbersome to read out all the numbers and characters. Also, the text is quite small.
So, a great addition to the app would be to be able to Generate a bar-code and a QR-code from the tracking-ID.
Either through the three-dots menu or by a dedicated button.
That would bring up a new page with both a bar-code and a QR-code, so that the clerk at the post office simply can scan it, to get the Tracking-ID into his/her terminal.

EDIT: I see from another request that a similar function already is available.
Perhaps a more intuitive way to find it? "Share" is not the most intuitive location. At least not for me. :)
Also, some Tracking-IDs cannot be made into bar-code. Is this due to not only containing numbers?

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