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(I'm going to use the term "partial" to refer to "partial deliveries," the feature of Deliveries that let's a package have multiple tracking numbers.)

Sometimes, the latest update to an eBay/Amazon purchase tracked in Deliveries comes after the latest update from the logistics provider. This results in the last update shown in widget/frontpage and in package history being the useless update from the marketplace rather than the actually useful last update from the logistics provider .

For example, I order I have an order through eBay that currently shows as "Further tracking information was supplied..." on the eBay partial on 2018-07-18 while the partial for USPS has a last update of 2018-07-10 with a message about the package being processed through some location. The eBay one takes precedence.

Not sure the best way to solve this. I considered maybe a way to disable Amazon and eBay partials, or at least manually disable or ignore partials.

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