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The wife and I use/love the deliveries app on Android.  We both need to pick up from our respective work (where deliveries go) and it's much easier to tell one another to be 'on the lookout for...' a particular delivery.  

The mechanisms that are in place currently for sharing are:


Message just sends large details but not to work with the intent of the deliveries app.

QR code, while it does scan, does't bring over ALL the critical information and you end up having to enter/re-enter the title and courier.  

Barcode, likely a derivative of QR code, does much the same thing.  

Ideally, sitting on the couch talking about deliveries, it would be great to touch the backs of our phones while one of us is on the detail page of the delivery in question.  Then, it would transfer over NFC the following:

1.  Name (which could be changed later by the receiver)

2.  Tracking number

3.  Courier of that delivery

The receiving user could then refresh the record and it could get the same information detail on the package whereabouts.  Now, we each have the same delivery information on two separate phones.  

Thanks in advance!

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