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Can you please add the adress of the service point where my package is deliverd?

It is sometimes deliverd to different service points in Town. To look that up I have to switch to other apps or look at the ticket/paper wich is left at my mailbox at home. So it would be very handy if I can look in the app to see where I have to go to get my package.

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It would be helpful to the developer to mention the courier involved. Since your name is a typical dutch name and since I slightly recognise the issue I believe the courier involved is PostNL.
It indeed would be helpful for some users to see the location of the local postoffice / servicepoint the package is delivered. At the moment of this writing I do have an example which I don't want to share in public.
Hi Jeroen! Tnx for you answer. I indeed am Dutch. But the courier involved was UPS. I also tested with two packages which were deliverd by DHL at a servicepoint. Here I encountered the same issue. I could see that is was delivered at a servicepoint, but not which servicepoint. So to me it seemed like a general issue with not having this possibility built in.
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Yes it actually is a general issue indeed. Some tracking updates from some couriers do already have an location tag so the view-side already has support for it. It only needs implementation of locations for more tracking updates of more couriers.
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