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please fix JNE courier and add more Indonesian couriers :D thanks . JNE has been broken for a long long time without a working fix. thanks

also . how do i get translation api ? cant you just use Google's translation service etc like other apps use? so its easier for us to translate foreign status info.  like auto translation is gonna be so nice

also can you add an option where we can add multiple tracking code with different providers to one like shipment tracking? why would this be useful you ask? so say for example , my experience buying things online on aliexpress. so i bought an item. it turns out they sent the item from China to Malaysia using SunYou and then they are using Pos Malaysia to basically send it to me. and since there are two providers. i can track my shipment on Both website. but. yes SunYou have all tracking info from China etc to my post. but i'd love to integrate Pos Malaysia tracking because it shows more detailed information. like where exactly is it going etc. so right now i have 2 entries . both have the same tracking number. but one is using sunyou provider and one is using pos malaysia. so i hope you could implement this feature.

thanks :D

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