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Saw a few posts with no solution but this worked for me:

You have to use your password plus 2 factor timed pin with no space between them as your password in deliveries

Amazon 2factor troubleshooting

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It still fails for me with the same error.
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did you enable 2fac and do it? It worked for me on more than one device
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Yes, I did enable 2FA.
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Same issue for me and my account amazon.fr amazon.de amazon.com,

I reinstall the app  same issue
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This definitely works - thanks!
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I had to set up 2 factor security as well. Each code only works once for any login. You can choose which browsers to set it up on.

If it doesn't  work, request another  code and only use it on one login attempt. Put your regular Amazon password and add the security code after the password with NO spaces.
So the Amazon sync will now only work if you use 2FA (which I don't)?
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