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I installed the Deliveries app on a new Android device and now it's showing duplicates for all of my entries.  How can I fix this?

Edit:  the duplicate entries are in the Archived deliveries.  They appear on the newly added device, but not on the existing ones.  What's the best way to fix this and also to prevent it from happening again?

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I'm having the same problem. When I try and sync deliveries on my new device, my "completed" deliveries are showing up as "active". It only appears to be affecting about half of my completed deliveries; for example, I have 1800 completed deliveries and about 900 are showing up as active on the new device. Also, like questioner above, this does not affect the listings on my original device (these remain correctly categorized).
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Edit: It appears the website does not have SOME of my deliveries properly categorized as "completed." I tried uninstalling the app on the new device and then syncing the original device with the website but this did not help. The website does not reflect what is on my original device. HELP PLEASE.
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