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When tracking a bpost link and selecting the option "Show in browser", I get a 404-website error. This is because the app refers to an old test website:

The app leads to this URL: https://track-test.bpost.be/btr/web/#/search?itemCode=00000000000000000

It should however lead to: https://track.bpost.be/btr/web/#/search?itemCode=00000000000000000

(so without the "test" in the URL. The 0's should of course be replaced by the tracking code)

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Thanks for your feedback.

Unfortunately, I'm unable to reproduce this. The app links to http://track.bpost.be/btr/web/#/search?itemCode=[...]&lang=[...]. I'll change this to link to the HTTPS variant in the next update - maybe bpost had some temporary issues with their HTTP to HTTPS redirection?!
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