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Im using V5.5.6 and I am unable to sync deliveries with amazon. I did not have two factor auth turned on at Amazon but enabled it, setup the app using password and code number as specified on this forum but still cannot get the app to sync with Amazon. Same error message every time "probably used the wrong user name or password". Does anyone know if this is being addressed or should i just start looking for another app? I really like this app but I really need the amazon sync

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Current workaround is to set up Two Factor on your Amazon account, then logout & attempt to sign into Amazon your phone's browser to trigger a one-time two factor code to be sent to you, then set up your Deliveries amazon sync with the code added to the end of your password (no spaces). It's come up in other threads. Just used this on my new phone today, still works.

Edit: I see you've seen this fix, but I would add that you really want to make sure you're using a browser to generate a new code and not use the code until you hop over to Deliveries to make absolutely sure that one-time code is expecting a generic login attempt and not from the Amazon app or other specific source. Also, don't reuse a code that has failed - the login requests really are hitting Amazon, so if the code has been used, the code is now invalid and you'll need a new one.
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