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With the update to v5.6.1, my specific sound notification isn't being honoured.  The system default sound is being utilised.

Checking settings on my Galaxy S8 & Galaxy Tab S devices, all are unchanged; the requirement for my specific sound entry is in place.

closed with the note: Fixed by the genius, oRRs, working on all devices now.  Thanks.

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What Android version are those devices on?
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Samsung Galaxy S8:  9

Notification sound settings are under the "More options" that directs me to the system notification settings.  Whereby, Important & Statuses are both set to my specific sound, 'Temple Bell'.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S:  6.0.1
Being an older unit, is set within the APP itself as Notification sound, also being 'Temple Bell'.
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Sound, 'Temple Bell', in question is:  S_Temple_bell.ogg -- an original Samsung file.

I have converted/renamed this to a WAV, as a tester:  Temple Bell - Deliveries.wav

Copied to "Notifications" folder on the internal memory/card of both devices and pointed the Deliveries APP to it.

Android 9 device = Good
Android 6 device = no good, still a default sound (will try more options, later)

. .. ... .. .

Did some more testing, including converted that WAV back to OGG:

Android 9 device = Good
Android 6 device = no good, still a default sound

Even tried other sounds in the folder, simple names, etc, without success for Android 6.
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I identified the issue on Android devices below 9 and will fix that soon. Thanks for your help and sorry for the inconvenience!
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Well done.  We're all glad that you are active here and have reacted, understood and will perform a bug fix.  It is very much appreciated.
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