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For the past week, every time the app updates an item's status, the app will crash.

If I have multiple packages tracked and they all have updates, it will crash on each one.

Once you re-open the app and mark something complete, you receive an error relating to synchronization.

I haven't been receiving notifications because of this (once there is a reason to notify, the app will crash before it has a chance to notify.)

I've sent multiple error reports in regards to this with no response.

I'm tempted to find another tracking app to give my money to.

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Did you send your error reports via Google Play / from the app crash window? If so, there's no way for me to respond to those.

I'm seeing quite a few crashes due to permission problems with notifications sounds that I'm trying to understand. Unfortunately, I'm unable to reproduce them myself and I didn't really change anything in that regard in the last few updates.

If you're on Android 9 or above, please try going to Settings -> Notifications -> More Options and set a different ringtone for the "Statuses" notification channel (preferably one that is not on your SD card).

If you're on a lower Android version, please let me know. Then you have a different issue.
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I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the app, which appears to have solved the issue for now. I've always used a separate notification sound for Deliveries (Postman stock Samsung sound).
Maybe the attempted notification was what was crashing the app, instead of the app crashing preventing notifications like I originally thought?
Thank you for your response.
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Yeah, the crash is caused by the app not having permission to access the notification sound. However, it shouldn't be needed to get SD card permission for that as you set the sound within the system settings since Android 9.0.

Could you try to go to Settings -> Notifications -> More options and set the notification sound you used before to see if it starts crashing again?
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My current notification sound is already the same as before and no crashes as of yet.
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