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These couriers, China Post, Australia Post, Fast Track ,Star Track and many more were working fine on App until 6th of August 2019, now show's "Error Loading Data" !

They have changed something in their App to stop these couriers, working as i spoke to Australia Post and no issue on their side and referred me back to the App.

Any feedback on this issue is much appreciated, as I used to like this App but now its totally useless !!!

App designers fix these courier issues asap !!!
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I'm having the same issue
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This situation was raised on August 9, after experiencing the issues for a few days.

Maybe vote that entry +1 rather than raise similar, so it gets more attention ?

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1st September, all still not working and no response from developer to email. I guess this is abandoned now?
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I see that Australia Post support has been removed. Since I'm in Australia, this is a deal-breaker for me. Time to move on to another app.
Hi Guys
I originally posted these issues with no response nor fix by the App developer, which is very disappointing.
So yes i agree find another App and I recommend and try "17Track" but you would need to open an account and sign in. Also since this new App has many users, so any new updates your tracking might be slightly delayed at times and you cannot change the the notifications tune its set at default.
Hope this helps
I am, fingers crossed, hoping this is just a temporary measure ...

99% of my tracking is locally via Australia Post and this APP is considerably better than what AusPost provide (currently).

I'd love to hear a comment from the developer.
It's not a general Australia Post API issue, as other apps (eg. Parcels) are still able to track Australia Post articles fine.
It's not an Auspost issue, plenty of other apps can still access the API.

Aftership works reasonably well as an alternative to Deliveries, though I still prefer deliveries overall interface.

Really regretting having given them any money considering the contempt they show us and lack of any communication.
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Damn, been using this app forever, now Aus Post is no longer working and the app developer has removed it rather than fixing it

Deal breaker

Off to another app it seems

VERY disappointing
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