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Am I dumb? Where is "option of option" to purchase "pro"?! I don't have such a key..

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thanks for the Request!

It should be available if you press the menu button in the main list. Alternatively, please check at Settings -> Design at the very top.

If you still cannot find it, it's probably a bug. If so, please let me know where you downloaded the app from and some more information about your device (especially which Android version it runs).
Thanks : No way, no such a keys.. Design :) Nothing.

I downloaded on Google Play, left you feedback and suggested you should charge for it :) , i have Galaxy Round with Android 4.3

I would uninstall it and get new one but I'm always having 15-20 packages in list..
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Do you have ads at the bottom of the list? I can only explain the missing button if the pro version is already active for your device.
Sorry., but finally I am dumb. App is working perfectly, it was my new Galaxy Round or actually me - the one who while unpacking new stuff always throws away the Manual  with a box :) I touched the sensor by mistake and activated settings. I LOVE DELIVERIES SO MUCH, THANK YOU!

THE ONLY THING, if possible, which would be good for everybody is to add a personal list of providers above rest of providers so we do not have to scroll "forever".. USPS for example is looong way down.. Such a option would enable me to add tracking much faster what's important when I have 10-15 "adds" in one go. Personal or some auto most frequent list would be really great.

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Thanks for the reply!

Owners of the pro version can use the "Provider filter" setting to accomplish the results you need. Just make sure that only your favorite couriers are checked in that list and enable the favorite mode. That way, the marked couriers will be moved to the top of the courier chooser.
I know that, but if I want swiftly to check if result is appearing on few providers - elsewhere it'll not be available below., then I must go settings.... However, to me, app is great as it is too.
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