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~Would be awesome if we could sync more than 1 email (I personally have 2 Aol, 1Yahoo & 1Gmail accts). I'd love to be able to synced at LEAST 1... Maybe 2 more PLEEASSE  

~Also in regards to syncing, I'd LOVE if we could sync up Etsy accounts for the auto-loadings of purchases made with them.

~MORE CATEGORIES!! A must as is... But to bring Deliveries into the 'OMG! autoBuy not try' app & us all SUPREMELY GIDDY & loyally HAPPIER users...... SUB-CATEGORIES. with the ability to custom label them with or w/out supplied pre-sets (Examples~
CATEGORY: Pet Supplies
SUB: Dog, Cat, Chickens, Fish, etc
SUB: pet food, toys, treats, meds, etc
CATEGORY: HouseholdS
SUB kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living room, cleaning, maintenance, basic necessities, etc
SUB: decor, furniture, electronics, lighting, etc

~I know there's a few more....

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