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Tracking for existing orders works fine. It even fetches the tracking number correctly. But, no new orders are added irrespective of the time-period I set in the "Fetch Automatically" option.

I have tried clearing the application data and setting the app up from scratch, with my Amazon account only (keeping all other settings as default). It still did not work.

Could you please look into this issue?
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I was going to ask a similar question. I've been using Deliveries for Android for a couple of years. Recently realized I could track TBAxxxxxx Amazon.com tracking numbers through the app, as the only message I get from the Amazon app is the item has been delivered. But when adding a TBAxxx tracking number, I get a Captcha challenge, which I answer then a message that it was answered successfully, and to 'please log in again'. Refreshing the package goes through the same loop.

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I am having the same issue. I purchased this app specifically to help keep track of my Amazon orders.

Please look into this.
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After entering the 2fa info, it constantly tells me to log in again after saying that my information is correct.  The app has been useless for me for months now.
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The same has been happening for me. Amazon wont fetch new orders. It's been broken for at least 2 months now. When will this be fixed?
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