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Clicking on the Sync icon from the main menu doesn't update anything.  I have to select each delivery individually and click the sync icon inside each one to get current status.  What am I missing?

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Talking to myself, but in case this was happening to anyone else...  I went ahead and deleted and reinstalled the app and all is back to working as it should.  Only downside is that I lost all the deliveries, both active and completed.  Syncing with website didn't bring anything back.
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Sorry for not replying to this earlier. In early November, I made a minor change to the Google login functionality that invalidated the existing logins. The app should notify users about this with a message in the main list but that either didn't work for everyone or wasn't clear enough.

If anyone else read this: just remove your Google account from the synchronization settings and add it again afterwards.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
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