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My amazon orders still sync, however now they just say "shipped on november 6th" (or whatever date it shipped).  It no longer includes the tracking number.  Anyone else have this issue?
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I'm sorry that the Amazon integration doesn't work properly at the moment.

I've been working on a major rewrite of the whole functionality in the last weeks.
If you are willing to help testing and if you know how to manually install an APK file on your phone, please send a short email to deliveries@orrs.de referencing this Q&A question.
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Id love to help - I sent an email so let me know
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Yes, I have  the same problem (Amazon Germany) when tracking via Amazon order ID. Adding the Amazon Logistics Tracking number to the app and referencing the Amazon order ID still works, but you don't have any details regarding the contents of the package/order.

Pro Version 5.6.5 (1913)

Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F)

Android 6.0.1
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The direct Amazon Logistics tracking also seems to be dead now.
Please see my answer above.
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