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This User-Obligation is, simply, foolish as free Translation is ubiquitous with 'Smart' technologies.

It is non-sensical to create a crypto-based Application-tool which is absolutely unclear; so far from straight forward considering it does not automatically identify the Registered User.

Very poor.

It is embarrassing to learn the expectation to pay in perpetuity for an internet-based, widely "FREE", Translation Tool after having purchased a Lifetime licence from this Tracking service.

I am unable to simply ascertain the 'required' Microsoft Translator API key code. Nor has Microsoft Azure answered my question by neither sending me that requested code nor sending me any straight forward, credible hyper-link to where I will locate that Registration Code.

I am not here to be 'challenged'. Simply DESERVE this App to correctly function by default, always. Why else would a User PAY for a service if any REVENUE PAYING User would be required to decode how something so obvious simply "WORKS when required?

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I totally understand your frustration about this added complication and I don't want to 'challenge' you but I feel like I deserve to explain the situation. I'd also like to stress that I do not advertise the translation feature anywhere. In its current state, it's meant for tech-savvy users that are willing to go the extra mile.

First of all, here's a link explaining how to obtain access: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/cognitive-services/translator/translator-text-how-to-signup
It's free but you'll need a credit card to register.

Unfortunately, despite the widely available translation services offering their services for free on their respective websites, using those services in an automated, commercial context is an entirely different topic.

To my knowledge, all available actual APIs only offer a "pay per translated character" model. Microsoft is generous, giving customers 2 million translated characters per month for free.

So, my options are:

  1. Use my own API key for all owners of the pro version. As there is a lifetime option for the pro version, I'd probably be losing money on that at some point. This also causes pirated copies of the app to actually cost me money.
  2. Add another subscription to the app that includes access to translations. This adds another layer of complexity and includes the pirating risk above.
  3. (What I chose to do) Require users to enter their own API key. While I know that it's a big hurdle, this keeps the actual translations completely free.
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