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I've had this issue for over a year with my Samsung galaxy s5 & now I have a new Samsung A50 & the app STILL randomly but often stops sounding status notifications for delivery movements/updates so I know it's not on my end, very frustrating.

Sometimes clearing the cache and or reinstalling the app restores the app to "functioning" but by then it's usually too late.

This developer ignores my support requests & apparently only helps pro version owners.

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I do not differentiate between pro/non-pro for support requests (mostly I don't even have that information). That said, I am getting *way* too many emails to be able to respond to all of them while still finding the time to actually work on the app.

The notification sounds are a system setting since Android 8.0 and my app has only control over it when it is first installed (or reinstalled).
To check if your settings are correct, in the Deliveries app go to "Settings -> Notifications -> More options" and make sure that the "Statuses" category has a valid notification sound and the style is either "Sound" or "Sound with popup".
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That's funny cause I just became a paid member for the first time in several years & everything seems to be working fine (for now anyway. Will update if/when it breaks again).
BTW I know how to set a notification within the app, I've probably spent more time trying to get the app to function the way it should than you have developing the app.
It will be well worth the recurring couple dollars if it continues to work but basic functionality should be included in the regular version.
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