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I can see the tracking information in the eBay app for orders shipped through Australia Post, so there is some sort of API available.

Can't you use it too?

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There is, but you have to register and get approved, so maybe it's not as straight forward as it seems: https://developers.auspost.com.au/apis/shipping-and-tracking/info/integration/direct-integration
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I registered and got an API key instantly, unless you're referring to more than just that
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That's just a dev key.

To validate your integration and get production access, you will need to download the Technical Validation Form, where you will need to provide information related to your implementation, and email the completed form to customer_connectivity@auspost.com.au.

Once we've validated your integration, we'll send you an email invite to generate a production API key.
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I guess this means you don't plan on integrating in the foreseeable future?
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Mate, I am not the developer. I was just stating a fact
I hope he does because I use it a lot too.
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I really hope AusPost gets added too!

As a gesture of goodwill, I bought Pro just now... even knowing AusPost isn't working yet.

There's already a few other Android delivery apps that monitor AusPost correctly... so hopefully this will too soon.
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