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I like your tracking app a lot, the carriers are up to date and work fine!

But do you think of implementing multiple carriers for one item, like other tracking apps have?

It often happens that carriers work together, but the main carrier only has "basic" updates.

For example, DHL ships the item, and hands it over to a local delivery carrier (for example bpost). You choose DHL in the start, but when it is handed over to bpost, you only get a notification when the item is delivered, while bpost has a lot of other notifications. When you know it is handed over, you can of course manually change the carrier, but it would be easier if you could choose DHL *and* bpost.

The same goes for a lot of Chinese carriers and PostNL, or it could even be nice to add a secondary tracker like 17track in an item.


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I would very much like the addition of this feature.

It is especially useful for parcel mail, where the post office in the originating country and the post office in the destination country usually provide different tracking information for the same tracking number.

In fact, sometimes the shipper starts with one tracking number and the shipping company creates a postal ID which is different and used for the local delivery. One company that does this is YANWEN Express in China and I can provide examples. DHL eCommerce also does this.

This is the one reason that I still keep a second tracking app (TrackChecker) which has this feature. I would love to get rid of TrackChecker because I have already purchased a lifetime Pro upgrade for Deliveries, and your app is better in every other way.

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This is already in app. Atleast in my Android. Not website. Example: fedex smartpost gives off to usps for final delivery and that is tracked automatically as partial delivery.

You can also manually add a 'partial delivery' and choose the carrier
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Thank you!
That was it. Perfect.
OK, deleting the other app. This one has it all.
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Glad to know :)
I like that most of the time it automatically creates a partial delivery for fedex smartpost/dhl e-commerce/ups surepost etc.

Fun tip: Not sure if it helps you but fedex smartpost that has usps delivering endpoint is just extra prefix of '92'
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Most of my use of this is Alibaba sellers' bulk-shippers (like Yanwen and UBI) who start with their own ID then later create a postal-format one for destination-country delivery. Sometimes they pass it off to China Post which adds its own process before handing off to the destination. The way Deliveries handles this is great, now that I know how. :-)
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Thanks, I don't know when that was added but this solves it indeed!
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